Adam Humphries

Adam Humphries' installations present an opposing approach to the miniature as it is the viewer that inhabits the work. Carved from condensed polystyrene, objects of conflicting scale co-exist, from plant forms to nails and debris. We become ‘a player amongst a host of ambiguous and arbitrary objects'. Humphries is not interested in the human tendency to want to ‘play God' with our environment. He wants us to realise our insignificance, by existing within this constructed terrain, whose origin lies in the ‘microcosms that exist on the edges of sense perception and on fringes of our immediate environments'. His new work will combine a series of obsessively carved forms modelled from forgotten miniature objects, placed as an installation resembling some kind of uncanny cosmic event. He will also create a series of large scale digital prints made up of thousands of miniature dust piles, weeds, rubbish removed from comic illustrations.

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Royal College of Art
Guild House  

Void Former (polystyrene/cardboard, dimensions variable)
Void Former (polystyrene/cardboard, dimensions variable)