Andrea Gregson

Andrea Gregson creates miniature installations contained within boxed sculptures where access to the interiors is restricted to peering through specific view points - spaces ‘seductive because it is a place you will never be able to enter, you will only ever be an observer'. Reminiscent of real places, she creates hybrid worlds within a forest, an overgrown banqueting hall, a museum store, a driftwood survival shelter and other more ambiguous places. Despite the projection of the imagination required to enter these worlds, they do not lack a sensual aspect. As a voyeur to these sumptuous environments one can imagine them as sets, psychological spaces where events can be imagined and re-enacted. Her new works will resemble both domestic and institutional interiors, however they will be changed as if by some unnatural growth cycle or misplaced human behavior.

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Deptford X
Creekside artists
Jerwood Sculpture Prize 2005

Wonderland (Paper cutouts, wood, light, 200 x 41 x 180cm)
Headspace (Wood, pvc, clay, muslin, 400 x 41 x 180cm)