Laura Youngson Coll

Laura Youngson Coll creates installation or environments, which mimic the natural world, and our desire to dominate it. Youngson Coll states .human mimicry of nature, and the artifice in which this results, is one of the main concerns of the work'. Pattern created in the work turns into dysfunctional ecosystems, inhabited by plants and bipedal creatures. Evolution and ecosystems are confused, yet have sufficient reference to the familiar to disarm us. Scale is used as a tool to disorientate the viewer. The work is designed to question what we take for granted, and create an intrigue that perpetuates this curiosity. Her new works will include a series of branches infested with miniature hybrid plants and also a collection of crystal skeletons, extremely beautiful yet highly sinister. She will also be collaborating with Tessa Farmer to create an animation combining her miniature plants with Farmer's hellish angels .

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Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, essay by Alistair Robinson    
Royal College of Art  

Yggdrasil (Plant materials, crustaceans, height: 1.2m)
Yggdrasil (detail) (Plant materials, crustaceans, height: 1.2m)