Michael Whittle

Whittle creates intricate drawings and sculptural works in an attempt not only to personally ‘make sense of reality', but also to 'explore mans attempts to come to terms with existence, be it [using] emblems of religious iconography or scientific investigation.'

The imagery is personal, part of Whittles own ‘version' of the world. However, cultural context is not avoided, and references are not exclusive. His epic scale drawings are a miniature world of delicate mark-making, revealing places reminiscent of boat yards, ski slopes, architectural plans or scientific illustrations.

His new work will explore the notion that we all carry a miniature version of the world within our brain, a world which he describes as "fed by our very selective senses", our version of reality, which is biologically imposed upon us.

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Transition Gallery
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
Laura Bartlett Gallery

Licks of the faithful (Wall drawing, dimensions variable)
Licks of the faithful (detail) (Wall drawing, dimensions variable)