Paul Collinson

Paul Collinson's paintings are derived from dioramas of created landscapes. These constructions are photographed and the image used as subject matter. The resultant photo-real paintings limit our viewpoint to that of the camera lens. The crashed cars that inhabit Collinson's dioramas, and the technical efficiency of the paintings, evoke the world of hobbyist model making, and its often obsessive pre-occupations and intentions to frame an event or setting as a given reality. They explore aspects of English landscape, juxtaposing grandiose architectural features within forgotten corners of the urban and rural environment, scenes where human intervention are acts of vandalism or the scene of willful neglect. The model making is playful, and more painterly than the paintings. It subverts the aspirational dioramas made by town planners, and reflects on how nostalgia informs our view of landscape. The paintings, in their photo-real rendering, avoid any traditionally notions associated with the romantic i.e. the painterly and pleasing brushmark/composition. They become more a point of methodology through their technical rendition.

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Get off my land (Oil on canvas, 122 x 153cm)
Elysian fields (Oil on canvas, 122 x 180cm)